SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

Short Description:

  • Imported core devices
  • Wide spectral range
  • High wavelength accuracy
  • The calibration points are evenly distributed in the whole wavelength range
  • The software is easy to operate and powerful
  • The model can be transferred, greatly reducing the cost of model promotion
  • Absorption Spectrometer Factory

Product Detail

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What it can do for you

As an Infrared Spectroscopy Factory, SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer is a new generation of raster scanning near-infrared spectroscopy analyzer, which can perform non-destructive testing of samples. NIRS instrument has a variety of sample testing methods, which can solve the needs of users for quality analysis, and analyze raw materials and finished products quickly and accurately.



Oil pressing industry

Samples: Soybean,peanut,cottonseed, rapeseed,sunflower seed, sesame

Application site: Raw material acquisition, processing process

Detection index: Moisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, etc

Grain industry

Samples:Rice, wheat, corn, beans, potato, etc

Application site:Grain purchase and storage

Detection index: Moisture, protein, fat, etc

Feed industry

Samples: Fish meal, wheat bran, corn malt meal, brewer's grains

Application site: Raw material acquisition, processing process, Sampling inspection of finished products

Detection index: Moisture, protein, fat, fiber, Starch, amino acid, adulteration, etc

Breeding research

Samples:Wheat, soybean, rice, corn, rapeseed, peanut

Application site:Seed screening, new product evaluation

Detection index: protein,fat,fiber,Starch,amino acid,fatty acid etc.

Tobacco industry


Application site:Tobacco purchase, redrying, aging and production quality control

Detection index:Total sugar, reducing sugar, total nitrogen, saline alkali

Petrochemical industry

Samples:Gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil

Application site:Quality control in production process

Detection index:Octane number, hydroxyl number, aromatics, residual moisture

Pharmaceutical industry

Samples: Traditional Chinese medicine, Western Medicine

Application site: API analysis, intermediate analysis and finished product delivery inspection

Detection index: Moisture, active ingredients, hydroxyl value, iodine value, acid value, etc

Technical parameters

Test method

Integrating sphere diffuse reflection sample cell

Spectral bandwidth


Wavelength range


Wavelength accuracy

≤ 0.2nm

Wavelength repeatability

≤ 0.05nm

Stray light

≤ 0.1%

Absorbance noise

≤ 0.0005 ABS

Analysis time

1 minute (adjustable)

Light source life

≥ 5000 hours

Sample size

Large cup Ф 90, about 120g

Medium cup Ф 60, about 60g

Small cup Ф 30, about 12g

Square cup 50x30, about 30g

Number of simultaneous analysis indicators

Unlimited number

Quantitative technology

Quantitative analysis: LPLs partial minimum algorithm

Qualitative analysis: DPLS digital partial least squares algorithm

Net weight




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